How do I get my Pilots Licence?

The first step

Take a trial flight. This will give you first hand experience flying a plane which will help you decide whether or not you want to take the big step of starting your training. Furthermore you will be able to discuss important decisions such as your end goal and budgeting with someone who has been there, done that, and is now doing it - your flight instructor.

The next step

Become a member of the Aero Club and book your first lesson. Your instructor can book a regular time slot for you, or you can book as and when suits. To avoid repetition of lessons, you should try to fly weekly. However we do understand that life is busy and you have the power to pick and choose when to fly.

The exams

There are six exams which you can sit at the club and your instructor can help you to prepare at bargain rates, or you can self study for free. You can order your study materials through the club and there are sometimes second hand books available. We also have practice exams available which closely resemble the real thing.

The final step

Once you are ready, and only once you are ready, you will sit an exam with a flight examiner. The examiner is very experienced and fair. We will not pressure you into any tests, flights or situations which you are not comfortable with or ready for. Our instructors are experts at measuring the abilities of students and you will be well looked after.

You are now licensed!

Now you can hire the plane and fly your friends wherever you want to go. You could continue up-skilling and get your Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) so you can get paid to fly, or an Instructor Rating so you can share your knowledge and skills. Our instructors are always keen to help you achieve your goal so never be afraid to ask lots of questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question!

More information can be found here in the CAA's booklet 'How to be a pilot'